Python Programming – Work Effectively With IDLE

You can learn about Introduction to Python Programming Programs with Outputs helped you to understand the language better.

Python Programming – Work Effectively With IDLE

IDLE has lots of features, but you need to know about only a few of them.

TAB Completion

Start typing in some code, and then press the TAB key. IDLE will offer suggestions to help you complete your statement.
Type pr and then TAB at the >>> prompt to see IDLE list of command completion suggestions.

Recall Code Statements

Press Alt-P to recall the previous code statement entered into IDLE, or press Alt-N to move to the next code statement (assuming there is one). Both key combinations can be used to cycle rapidly through all of the code you have entered into IDLE, re-executing any code statements as needed.

Edit Recalled Code

Once you recall your code statement, you can edit it and move around the statement using the arrow keys. It’s possible to edit any statement that you have previously entered, even code statements that span multiple lines.

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