Strings Built-In Methods

Strings Built-In Methods

In this post I want to show what you can do with the built-in methods for Strings. Let’s first create a string with the value of “Hello World”

string = "Hello World"

To manipulate strings, we can use some of Python’s built-in methods

string.upper() # get all-letters in uppercase

string.lower() # get all-letters in lowercase

string.capitalize() # capitalize the first letter

string.title() # capitalize the first letter of words

string.swapcase() # converts uppercase and lowercase

string.strip() # remove all white spaces

string.lstrip() # removes white space from left

string.rstrip() # removes white space from right

string.split() # splitting words

string.split(',') # split words by comma

string.count('l') # count how many times l is in the string

string.find('Wo') # find the word Wo in the string

string.index("Wo") # find the letters Wo in the string

":".join(string) # add a : between every char

" ".join(string) # add a white space between every char

len(string) # find the length of the string

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