Python Programming – IDLE Menus

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Python Programming – IDLE Menus

IDLE has two window types, the Shell window, and the Editor window. It is possible to have multiple editor windows simultaneously. IDLE’s menus dynamically change based on the window that is currently selected. Each menu documented below indicates which window type it is associated with.

The File menu provides the ability to open, save, print, close files, etc. The Edit menu provides options for the usual editing commands such as Undo, Redo, Copy, Cut, Paste, Find, and Replace. The Format menu provides options for indenting, commenting, uncommenting a section of code, etc. The Run menu provides the Run Module, which executes the Python code currently in the Editor window.

The F5 shortcut key is a convenient way to execute a program. If the module has not been saved, IDLE will prompt the user to save the code. The Options menu provides the option Configure IDLE for configuring various aspects of IDLE, including the fonts used, the color of keywords, the color of comment lines, etc., and the number of spaces used for each tab character (for indentation of program lines), etc.

The Windows menu provides options for controlling the height of the window. It also provides a list of all currently opened Python windows (by file name), including the Python Shell. This provides an easy way to switch from one window to another. Finally, the Help menu includes About IDLE, which consists of the version number of installed IDLE; and IDLE Help, which gives a brief summary of the commands of the menu bar.

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