Dictionary is another data type in Python.

Dictionary Overview

A dictionary maps a set of key to a set of values.

Dictionaries in Python are also known as hash tables.

It requires that the keys are unique (within one dictionary), while the values maynot.

The values of a dictionary can be of any type, but the keys must be of an immutable data type such as strings, numbers, or tuples.

Dictionaries are like lists mutable

A dictionary is created with a pair of braces {}.

For example, dic = {} creates an empty dictionary.

Each key is separated from its value by a colon (:)

Placing a comma-separated list of key:value pairs within the braces adds initial key:value pairs to the dictionary; this is also the way dictionaries are written on output.

The main operations on a dictionary are storing a value with some key and extracting the value given the key.

If you store using a key that is already in use, the old value associated with that key is forgotten.

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