How to Clean Up Your Code with this Python Formatter

Are you facing troubles with your messy or disorganized code? then there are a few best python code formatters that reformat the code like Python Beautify, Black, and many others. This tutorial on how to clean up your python code using python formatter helps users to make their code better and improve the quality of the code. Just follow the below stuff included in this Best Python Code Formatters Tutorial.

Why use code formatters for Python?

Coding in python with perfect style formatting holds the code’s aesthetics clean and improves readability, making contributions and code reviews easier. The use of automated python code formatters is it ensures your codebase stays in a persistent style without any manual work on your end. If your following to a particulat style of coding then it is important to you. Also, this prevents bike-shedding on nitpicks at the time of code reviews, saving you an enormous amount of time general.

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How to Clean Up Your Code with this Python Formatter?

If you could attempt to reformat the code yourself, which, depending on how big the files are, could take hours or even days, or you can use a Python formatter like Python Beautify to do it for you. In this section, we brought to us by the same people responsible for a great CSS formatter, and many other useful development tools, this Python formatter is excellent for cleaning up any messy code that developed by you. It makes you completely customize how you need the code to be organized and which formatting rules you’d like to follow.

How to Clean Up Your Code with this Python Formatter

You get to define how many spaces you’d like the arrangements to be, how whether or not you want to break lines, how you want the braces and brackets to be displayed, and so much more. The next time you find yourself in the middle of some poorly formatted Python, identify that you have this tool at your control, copy and paste your code into the text input box, and within seconds you’ll be ready to work with your fresh and improved clean code.

5 tools to clean up your Python code

These tools to clean up your python code will automatically style formatting for your code in python. The most famous python formatters are as follows:

  1. Black
  2. Pycodestyle
  3. Autopep8
  4. isort
  5. Pylint

How to use Black?

Firstly, you have to install the latest version of Black from PyPI:

pip install black

Later, run black on one or many files. If you did this then Black will format the files in-place.

black {source_file_or_directory}

Python code cleanup for beginners: 11 steps to readable and maintainable code

Take a look at these tips to make your code better and enhance the quality of your python project:

  1. Declutter the repo
  2. No passwords in the code
  3. Have a README
  4. If you use third-party libraries, have a requirements.txt
  5. Format your code with black
  6. Remove unused imports & variables
  7. Follow PEP-8 naming conventions
  8. Verify your code with a linter
  9. Remove debugging prints
  10. No commented out code
  11. Wrap your script with a function

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